Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Leaving the state of confusion

I live in Ct., and I will forego jokes about whether you can call living in Conn. living. Let's just say it's not much different than living in CT.

This is why I'm pleased with my former employer, The Associated Press, for declaring that, henceforth, states will be spelled out in running text. There are all sorts of qualifiers, but the heck with them.

I've been spelling out state names for a long time, because I've never figured out in which state I live. Or what about those pathetic people in Wisc.? Don't you just hate to type Wisc.? I do. It's just odd.

We can blame all this on the Post Office and its two-letter system. Is it any wonder that monstrosity is running up $25 million a day in debt to add to its $20 billion? It's all due to that two-letter madness.

BTW, the refined and somewhat uppity Chicago Manual of Style has always spelled out state names. Then again, Chicago's pension fund is short about $20 billion, too, although I think I'm in a state of confusion. I'm just so delirious over the The AP's decision.

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