Tuesday, November 19, 2013

So you want to be a business guru

Didn't make the cut.
The writing team of Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove has surveyed the field and named the 50 most influential business thinkers.

The top 5:
1. Clayton Christensen
2. W. Chan Kim and Renee Maborgne
3. Roger Martin
4. Don Tapscott
5. Vijay Govindarajan
If you're interested in what it takes to join their ranks, here are the criteria given to the various judges in the field of thought leadership:
1. Relevance of ideas
2. Rigor of research
3. Presentation of ideas
4. Accessibility/dissemination of ideas
5. International outlook
6. Originality of ideas
7. Impact of ideas
8. Practicality of ideas
9. Business sense
10. Power to inspire
As a writer, I noticed that the presentation and dissemination of their ideas were high on the list. What else do these leaders have in common?
1. An academic affiliation: Christensen, e.g., is a professor at the Harvard Business School
2. A book: Kim and Maborgne, e.g., wrote Blue Ocean Strategy
3. A memorable concept: for Martin, e.g., it's "integrative thinking"
It's a pretty high bar. Many are called, but few are chosen.

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