Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You look mahvelous

Your picture is everywhere these days, right? Website, LinkedIn, on and on.

You can hire a professional for several hundred or several thousand to get a nice headshot.

Or you can do it yourself. If you do, here are two techniques guaranteed to make you gorgeous. They will require some practice, but everyone can learn them. Close your door and practice with your laptop's camera.

New York portrait photographer Peter Hurley believes it's all in the jaw and the eyes. You want to emphasize your jaw line and squinch your eyes. You do the first by holding your forehead forward to smooth the skin over your jaw. You accomplish the second by slightly raising your lower eyelid.

It's easier to understand this if you look at two of his videos. They run on a bit, but he's an entertaining guy. Have a look til you get the point.

The first is about your jaw:

The second is about your eyes:

You're looking better already.

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